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Personal Services:

1:1 coaching: Serves those who want more understanding about how to write inclusively with in-depth guidance on the “how tos.” Ashwini will provide coaching on how to make real change as a writer, and navigate how to make a script sing in ways that support the writer, the characters and the character’s community. The writer will learn actionable steps to bring equity and justice to the project in a collaborative and supportive environment.

Sensitivity Reader: The service serves those with a completed first draft of a piece of writing. Ashwini will read your project with a critical eye to review places where the writing requires improvement or changes to ensure inclusivity is forefront in the project. Guidance and support will be provided during the reading process to assist writers when they are ready to make edits to their first draft. The goal is to promote equity and justice in a project.

Note: The service is not an editing service.

Corporate Services:

Speaker Presentation: The service serves organizations who are interested in inclusive writing in production, publishing or other areas that writing touches and impacts arts, entertainment, media and books. Ashwini will deliver a presentation about where inclusion currently stands in the industry  with a short exercise. The short exercise will provide participants the opportunity to reflect on how they can generate call to action items for themselves to be more inclusive in their work and projects. Equity and justice integrated into an organization or industry and how business is done is critical in the presentation.

Group Facilitation: The service serves organizations who want a dynamic and interactive presentation. The initial four-hour workshop will provide participants insights on why inclusion is important, investigate major problem areas in their industry, brainstorm solutions to these problems, and determine direction to implement solutions that are agile and effective. Equity and justice integrated into how an organization or industry does business is critical in the facilitation. Please see related note below.

Note: This facilitation is intended to be a multi-step process with check-ins after the initial facilitation to ensure accountability and eliminate non-performative measures that deflate the purpose for inclusion in an industry. A four-hour workshop is not enough time to make real change; it is only the beginning. 

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