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Mr. ThriveMedia: To generate engaging media while connecting artists across the nation.

Speaker Express: Helping businesses and people with great services to get more visibility so that they can reach more potential clients.

Strong Asian Lead: Strong Asian Lead (SAL) is a community-first approach to the entertainment industry. They work with emerging US Asian & Pacific Islander (API) artists across the globe to develop their creative careers through coaching and resources. SAL also provides studios, agencies, and brands with customized strategies that will allow them to tap into the growing Asian American audience.


Harris Hill: Most of us were not brought up equipped with the skills or understanding needed to support our trans and nonbinary friends, family and colleagues. Harris condensed many years of learning and coaching into several resources to navigate these spaces.

Hilary Russo: Empowering purpose driven professionals to transform traumas into triumphs thru holistic living and storytelling.

Rachel Li: Mindset Coaching, Meditation, and Leadership Tools.

Suzanne Gundresen: Screenwriters and industry talent to become more embodied & authentic in their work.


Bill Taub: Creative Troubleshooter

Danny Manus: Your one-stop script consulting company bringing a fresh new perspective to your projects.

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