Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner

Do you use sanitary/period napkins or know someone who does? Unfortunately, racial discrimination stopped Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner profiting from her invention.

Meet Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner who invented the sanitary belt among her other inventions. She invented an adjustable sanitary belt with an inbuilt, moisture-proof napkin pocket. In 1956, she was finally able to save up enough money to get her first patent.

Sonn-Nap-Pack Company was the first company who approached Kenner for her patent but rejected it after they discovered that she was Black.

Kenner never made any money off of the sanitary belt, because her patent expired and became public domain, allowing it to be manufactured freely.

Kenner had many inventions and patents including toilet tissue holder for blind people, a back washer, and a carrier attachment for a walker.

Her story needs to be known and told.

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