Alexandre Dumas

Did you know Alexandre Dumas was a quarter Afro-Caribbean?

To reread “The Three Musketeers,” or the “ The Count of Monte Cristo,” with this knowledge is an interesting thought.

Marie-Cessette Dumas was an enslaved woman in the French colony of Saint Domingue or common day Haiti. She was the mother of General Thomas-Alexandre Dumas and the grandmother to Alexandre Dumas. She is the matriarch to a list of men.

Alexandre Dumas’ father was a General in the French Army which was a rank not open to multi-ethnic folks. For him to reach the prestigious rank is praise-worthy for the 1700s (still is). Thomas-Alexandre Dumas stands as one of the highest-ranking men of African descent to lead a European army. In addition to being a General, he was also the first person of color in the French military to become a brigadier general, divisional general and General-in-chief of a French army.

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