6888: The All Black, All Women, WW2 Battalion.

Photo courtesy of the 6888 army website. The Six Triple Eight (6888) was the All #AfricanAmerican #Women’s #Battalion of the #WAC that served in #WW2. They women left the U.S. for #England during wartime which meant their ship was bombed by non-allied forces. The women’s service was to deliver backlogged mail to U.S. soldiers. They arrived to warehouse and airline hangers filled with unsorted #mail. They accomplished their task by doing three 8 hour shifts, a full #24 hours of work for months. The #battalion was so good that they were sent to #France.

I wanted to co-write a #movie honoring the 6888 like in, “Hidden Figures.” As of 2011, #Miramax Films held the rights to the book written by the Battalion’s #Major, Charity Adams Earley. I don’t about #CopyrightLaw but I would love to discuss this matter.

#Resources are below.

A #website.

A #documentary

Book about the #6888.
“One Woman’s Army: a Black officer remembers the WAC,” by Lieutenant Colonel Charity Adams Earley. The highest ranking African-American woman in the army by the end of #WW2.

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