Sepoys: WW1 South Asian Indian Soliders


📸 Ypres Peace Monument.

I want to share how I became passionate about becoming a #screenwriter, and why I bring #inclusion and #representation in all my #scripts. I will post images that inspire my #scripts.

These are the #Indian#Sepoys who were #infantry#soldiers under the British in #ww1. They fought for the #alliedforces on the #westernfront and were instrumental in stopping the German advancement at #ypres. Had Ypres fallen, the Germans could access the French coastline. There were 1.3M sepoys, over 73k died and 400k were Muslims.

My 30 minute drama pilot about the Sepoys chronicles some key moments of Sepoy history. The pilot is part of a series where forgotten and erased people and stories are highlighted.

Inclusion matters. For more information about diversity in Hollywood movies, TV and streaming content, and how to write and live inclusively, check out my book, “How To Write Inclusively: An Analysis & How To Guide.” As The Inclusive Screenwriter, I consider my works as a contribution to my craft.

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